Snowboard Movie Review: A Way We Go by Isenseven

Before reviewing the movie itself, it’s worth saying something about Isenseven.  Based out of Europe, Isenseven is arguably one of the best – if not the best – snowboard film production companies in the business right now.  They have sponsors such a Burton, DC, Analog, Bataleon, Head, and many more; and they have these sponsors for good reason:  they’ve been producing snowboard videos for the past several years, and every year they turn out amazing films.  In particular, their videos consistently feature great riding and great film production – and A Way We Go looks to be no different.

A Way We Go is self-described on as a film about snowboarding:  it documents the journeys of the crew in search for “the best snow, the best spots and most of all: The best times!”  And that is definitely the sense we get from their teaser.  While it doesn’t promise any of the fashionable tricks at the boundaries of snowboard progression (a new triple cork, for example), it does promise some heavy tricks on some really neat features at some sick spots around the world, with an emphasis on the fun involved in making a snowboard film.

Stephen Maurer

Stephen Maurer

The movie also contains a banger cast of riders.  The main riders consist of Alex Tank, David Bertschinger Karg (DBK), Stephan Maurer, Wojtek Pawlusiak, and Ludwig Lejkner.  Every one of these guys are heavy hitters in snowboarding freestyle.  Alex Tank, for instance, rides for Head, which to a snowboarder might seem silly; but as Head tries to work their way into the snowboard industry there’s a reason they not only chose Alex to rep their brand, but also built him his own jib set-up to session with his select friends.  Here’s a clip from YoBeat of Alex and friends sessioning the set-up.

In addition to great riding, A Way We Go promises to be well put together.  And if we needed a guarantee of that, it’s worth mentioning that Alex Schiller was the director of this film.  Schiller was also the one behind Isenseven’s prior film Fool’s Goldwhich had awesome style and artistic touch to it, and A Way We Go seems to give off that same vibe:  there looks to be a healthy dose of urban riding and backcountry, with a limited bit of park riding, and the film features picturesque cinematography, great music and brilliant editing.

Alex Schiller on Location

Alex Schiller on Location

Bottom line, Isenseven has been putting out snowboard videos for the last several years, and everyone one of their films has been stellar.  They’ve helped set the bar for snowboard movies both in terms of riding and cinematography.  A Way We Go promises more of the same, featuring amazing riding and great artistic touch.  Having said all that, if you haven’t seen an Isenseven film yet, you might consider getting A Way We Go.

In case you’re curious about how good the riders in this film are, here are some links to full-parts in previous Isenseven movies:  Alex Tank, DBK, Stephan Maurer, Wojtek Pawlusiak, and Ludwig Lejkner.

Also, if you know of some new movies that are releasing and think they’re worth watching I’d definitely be interested in hearing about it!

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